Proverbs 31: Know Your Value

"I Rise" ("Esiri" (ez-er-wry))
People will talk behind your back. People will spread whatever rumors they can conjure, to the point of verbally ramming your face in the mud to create a picture of you as a person with no value. Despite this, you should still walk with your head held high, knowing they don't define you so it's not true. 

They'll continue putting you down not understanding why you're not upset. Just laugh it off, not really caring what they say or do. It's not just what the present is handing to you. Diversity and mistakes will not veer you off course. Even if you have an imperfect past, no matter what you may have done before, you can still rise. You can still stand up, look the world in the eye, and tell them, "I will rise". 

"Still I Rise" is a poem of second chances. It's for the one who fails but refuses to quit. It's for the broken spirit, the betrayed, and those repeatedly injured by the words or actions of others. It's a poem of redemption and integrity. For anyone who has been in the darkness, it is a shade of hope.

  • The name of Esiri is borne of Glynis Susan Pegram, the epitome of resilience, grace, and mercy.                 Thank you for modeling God's Love in an often cruel world.  
  • Many gracious thanks to Ms. Maya Angelou for sharing God's gift and love in her life and poetry.             RIP Love. We miss you... (DoD: 05/28/2014)

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